Terms and conditions

II International Youth Guitar Competition "Tallinn 2013" takes place from 15-19 July 2013 at the House of the Blackheads (Mustpeade Maja, address: Pikk 26, Tallinn, Estonia; see on the map).

The competition is open to classical guitarists from all over the world, born after 1977 (inclusive). The competition is open to the public.

The jury is composed of leading European guitarists and teachers of classical guitar: Evgeni Finkelstein (Russia), Reinbert Evers (Germany), Heiki Mätlik (Estonia), Kari Äikäs (Finland), Jan-Olof Eriksson (Sweden).

The competition has 5 age groups (age on 1 January 2013):
I group       born 2002 and later   (up to 10 years) 
II group      born 2000-2001        (11-12 years)    
III group    born 1997-1999        (13-15 years)   
IV group     born 1993-1996        (16-19 years) 
V group      born 1977-1992        (20-35 years) 

The competition has one round in all age groups.

Requirements for the program:

The contestant’s program should contain authors of at least two different eras. A piece by an Estonian composer Robert Jürjendal should be performed. The latter will be available either by e-mail or can be downloaded from the the web page of the competition since 5 April 2013. All pieces of the program should be performed by heart.

Duration of the program (including the compulsory piece by Robert Jürjendal):
I group    5-8 minutes
II group   7-11 minutes
III group  10-15 minutes
IV group  13-19 minutes
V group   16-25 minutes

Duration of the program is calculated starting from the first sound of the first piece until the last sound of the last piece. The members of the jury have the option of stopping the candidate during the performance in case of running out of time.

Approximate duration of the required piece:
I group - 1 minute 
II group - 1.5 minutes
III group - 2 minutes
IV group - 2.5 minutes
V group - 3 minutes

The order of appearance of the contestants will be decided by drawing of lots on 15 June 2013 at the presence of independent observers, and will be uploaded at the web page of the competition in order to facilitate the arrival of the contestants. Please also have a look at the general schedule of the competition.

Registration and participation fee:
All contestants will have to fill in the form of participation by 5 June 2013, available at the web page of the competition from 1 December 2012. Registration is confirmed with an e-mail. Changes in the program of the contestant are acceptable until 15 June 2013. After that date, the program cannot be altered; the order of the pieces can be altered during the performance.

The contestant shall send by e-mail his/her photo for the brochure of the competition and pay the participation fee by bank transfer to the account of the Estonian Guitar Society. Participation fee can also be paid on the spot. Participation fee for the contestants in the I, II, III, IV age group is 15 € and in the V age group 28 €.

All costs of transport, accommodation, food, etc will be covered by the contestants and their companions themselves. Please check for significant discounts offered by the sponsors and partners of the competition.

The contestants are judged by the jury of 5 members, all leading European guitarists and teachers. The jury has the right to stop the contestant during the performance. The decision of the jury is final and is not eligible for dispute. In each age group laureates (I, II, III prize) and diploma-winners will be announced. The jury and supporters of the competition have the right to give out special prizes and a Grand Prix. The results of each age group will be announced at the end of each competition day except for IV age group whose results will be announced together with the results of V age group.

Competition prizes:
Laureates and award winners will receive awards from the supporters and sponsors of the competition. There will be no monetary awards given out except for the Grand Prix of 2000 euros, which the jury may choose not to issue in case no contestant meets the required level of performance. Winner of the Grand Prix will be announced at the closing ceremony of the competition.


The organizer of the competition reserves the right to alter the program if necessary or to make amendments to the terms and conditions of the competition. Contestants will be informed about the amendments via e-mail and at the web page of the competition. In case of differences in the translated texts the English text shall be considered as the original for the terms and conditions of the competition.